Our Services

What's the courses about?

STEM courses are workshops conducted by experienced tutors, customized specifically for the school or the individual based on the need to address the curriculum.

Networking and Support​

We provide our participant teachers with ongoing assistance in successfully integrating the STEM methodology to the curriculum.

Who can attend?

All students who are open to new technologies ,willing to learn and who want to acquire practical technical skills. ​

Our expertise

We analyse the current curriculum of the respective schools and help the teachers to redesign it to make it interdisciplinary, problem based, project based and inquiry based, which are the main elements of a STEM lesson. ​

Transdisciplinary Instruction

Learners are active participants who use problem-solving processes and the powerful critical thinking and exploration practices commonly used in effective STEM classrooms

Connect to the real world

Collaborate with the peers. Arrive at logical conclusions. Explore and think about the future careers of individuals who study similar problems